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achieve the ultimate u

by uti middleton

Uti Middleton is a Personal Trainer dedicated to positively impacting lives through health and fitness. With more than 10 years training experience, she has helped countless people transform from their unhealthy habits, to live leaner, more active and happy lives.

After leaving Corporate America to focus on raising kids, Middleton started her training journey as a Group Fitness Instructor for Lifetime Fitness. She learned to teach several different formats including Barbell Strength, HIIT, Barre, Glute Maxout, Boxing and more. As her classes became packed full of participants and positive energy, she quickly rose to become an Artistry level Instructor.



Uti spent 5 years as a Master Trainer for Camp Gladiator, where she helped educate other trainers on industry standards and fitness trends, while running her own successful CG location attended by nearly 75 loyal clients per day.

Throughout the years, Uti has trained and coached several high end and celebrity clients to help them lose weight, make positive lifestyle modifications and become more productive in their daily lives.

Uti has worked with, consulted, or trained many corporate clients such as Nike, Lululemon, Powerhandz, American Heart Association, PWC, Publicis Groupe, Nieman Marcus and Match.com. In addition to that, she has been a featured fitness and wellness presenter at many conferences including the Black Enterprise Women in Power Conference, The Links Annual Assembly, Blogalicious Annual Conference and the Life Lux Jazz Festival in Mexico.


passion + purpose

After caring for her partner Bill, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bladder Cancer in 2016, she realized that working out and eating healthy is only part of the total health equation. Uti believes that along with exercise, sticking to a healthy diet, and his ability to keep a positive mindset, Bill was able to overcome his dire diagnoses and continues to thrive today.

Thus, the Ultimate U was formed to go beyond just fitness and nutrition to address people’s overall health from the inside out.